Looks Like LOve

Most of their conversation were full pleas and coersion 

The words "if you love me were" often used in the sight of a diversion

She thought he loved her because he made excuses and then he would bother to make up for them

But we all  know if you actually love someone you would want to make time for them.

As their months progressed together his excuses to turned fists,

Everytime she asked another question you could hear her jaw crunch with his hit

Broken bones and broke hearts werent made to go hand

Especially if being love has to leave you with a broken leg

She made the excuse that she asked for too much

But maybe it was the fact that he was never in love

He was just really comfortable using her up

Because she gave herself away to him like she was a drug.

-If being love means that means that I have to destroy myself

I dont want to be apart of that wreckage because what happens when I have nothing left?

What happens when you leave and I deeply so endowed my love to you

That the heavy artillery you impacted me with isnt even enough to keep me from loving you?

  My grandma once told me

"Love is temporary like a rose

It will glitter and shine brighter than gold, 

But it doesnt even matter if its dead at the roots."-

Her soul was black and blue 

And it began to show on her face

There is nothing worse than a mother who cant recognize her daughter face

The only way she could be recognized was by a tatoo of his name

Her mother turned towards the doctor and asked

"Why would she seem so content on enduring this everyday?'

He quietly responded with the most depressing of tone

Because she knew no matter, he would come home to her at the end of the day and she was scared to be alone."

Remember young people that love is supposed to be vigorating

Not full of confusion, contemplation or self hating

It should make adrenyline your skyrocket 

Their smile should make you blush

You should actually be able to enjoy the fact that you are in love.

You shouldn't have to wonder how much this person really loves you

Because if they did they would bother to show you

You shouldn't have to dress or look a certain way

Just to keep their attention and their mind from going astray

If change must be apart of the deal make sure its for a good cause

And not the benefit of seeing your downfall

Love should be represented as an outstretched hand

Who is willing to pick you up

Before you ever become scared that you might fall again

Both of you must be here to help your roots flower because you both are like trees,

You will need a little sunshine, but you benefit the most from the water that travels up your leaves

Love should make you happy and not scared

If they ever leave you you should be happy that they taught you something while they were here.


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