Looking in the Mirror


Look at you

I could dry children’s tears with your  honey hair,

With your peach lips plant poppies in soft fields,

Lay clouds and oceans in your transcendent eyes.

And seek solace in the blush in your skin.



Like leaves and hands I tremble.

Every atom of my being cries out to you

Ripping and tearing through my veins to escape and speak

Let no darkness cast out the light beaming through your fingertips

And let no phantom whisper utter in your ear dull the spark in your skin

For even the devil's words sound so much sweeter than angel's truth


But I,

I speak the truth


So hear my fragmented and shaking words,

Let them tussle and tumble and turn

With those you send to oppose.

And Taste my lust for a life

A life without hatred

A life without ugly

A life without this,

This need for change.


You and I we are the same.

We are beauty without change.




This poem is written in regards to how I view myself. Every day is a battle with self love and self hate. If could change one thing, no matter how small, I would change how I view myself. It seems so selfish, but self acceptance is such an important part of life. Self acceptance will mean I am finally able to love myself for all that I am, a concept I have struggled with for so long. From eating disorders to depression, it has broken me. I hope all that read this can appreciate  and possibly relate to where I am coming from.

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