Looking At Me From Upside

I've heard the question before and I'll hear it again,

"If you were stranded on an island-

on a ship-

in the ocean-

on a plane-

What's the one thing-

the most important object-

your one asset-

That you just couldn't live without-

would want the most?"

And answers pop up like images on a television screen;

they race across my mind too quickly to be given thought.

Although I've heard it all before,

my answer is never serious.

Later, alone.

I slough off my masks and set my hardened shell aside

like a red petticoat in the warmth of my room.

I dip into my imagination like dipping into sleep,

and I think.

And I dream, and I conceive, and I delight.

The answer, then, is always the same.

When the sun goes to see a world different to mine,

and the darkness settles sleepily into place-

my world quiets.

My world watches.

My eyes see the old woman rise with slow steps,

the stars as her helping hands until,


she stands above and looks at me with wisdom.

She guides my steps like the waves of the ocean,

leaving light where there would be pitfalls,

leaving silence and concentration where there would be distraction.

I awe at her and know.


All I would need is a moon high above,

and the deep serenity of night.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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