Looking Down Into Forever


As if the perfect sun would

tell the secrets of it's soul,

if it's plan,

talking to the moon dripping blood

from the stars bursting into flames

I can't help but to think,

think this to be a sign of something

in my life,

is it me that is so wrong,

that makes things bad,

do I ruin everything that I touch,

is it possible that the sun would tell

me the secret to keeping loving,

keeping love in a bottle tossed out to sea

with a letter written inside,

everything is still broken as I continue to fall

into the green ocean blues of your eyes

and the curve of your lips,

falling into forever of your words and

no way out of this maze,

love makes you do insane things,

terrible things,

can't help it,

I whisper to the stars and airplanes my wishes,

wishes of someday,


because we are falling into forever


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