Looking Back on Life

Dear Grandpa,

Living in silence

Hearing clocks ticking

Listening to the air vents hissing

Watching the days roll by


What do you imagine

sitting and watching

a life full of laughter

passing you by?


Do you see pictures in your mind?

of road trips and fishing

casting out your line

hearing the reel hissing

being blessed for all these times

and being proud to live this amazing life


Laughing with old friends

remembering that life ends

as you watch people leave you

from house to soiled ground and grave

picturing what they would say

if you weren't paying your respects today


But while their gone you are still breathing

living a life of vitals and eating

spending time in hospitals not relaxing or sleeping

but rather feeling alone, tired, and queezy


watching the big game on your tv screen

hearing your wife and the words running out like a machine

as you ask why you are still here on this earth

for what purpose other than to grow up from birth

living a life for some unattainable worth


Yet someday so soon will be your last

as you watch your last show

and sit all relaxed

closing your eyes you will meet what is the unknown

to uncover the mysteries that we still don't know


But for me on this earth

I will cry and feel sad

because the man I saw as my grandfather

will only be seen from a newspaper ad

wishing that life never ended this way

there is more that I wish you could say


So don't wish for that time to come so soon

when we stand by your tombstone

and sing those sad hymnal tunes

wiping the tears that stream down our faces

remembering the memories and trips to exotic places

as I stand and say to the people in the crowd,

"This man I loved was someone I know loved me back and for that I am proud."



This poem is about: 
My family


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