Look Me In The Eye


Look Me in the eye

You'll find an endless pit of darkness

Move back and see my face, covered in blistering scars of past and present;

Only revealed in the blacklight of my nightmares

Look me here my hands, tied to a future I've only dreamed of reaching

Fearful of their own potential are my thoughts,

My ideas whimper upon their own weight,

Their magnitude so insignificantly large that they crush the world thrice-fold

So innocent, so meek, are my ideals, basked in naiveness they flourish

My fortitude a meer caparace covered in baked clay, sturdy, yet brittle

My dreams are unheard of, for amongst the nightmares I hold a torch

I feed of the dullness in the world and spew out a bright flame for those like me

I am lost in neverending whirpools of fate and science for reguardless of who I call upon

I learned to swim for a reason

I'm slim in ignorace and thick in understanding

I fear the daylight for it reveals my demons, but I embrace its warmth

My mask is made of pieces from others I have come across

The only thing that's real is that I breathe the same air as those genuinely strong

I have attended the tears of a mother upon the grave of her child's misfortune

Heard the whispering of dying dreams echo through hopital walls,

Felt the misfortune of a family being torn apart

Maybe, when the world is present in its own funeral,

when it hears its own dreams fade as its last breath slips away

Then I Will remove my mask

And perhaps at that point

in the split second

when my last breath is seen

then you'll know that the only thing inside me







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