Look Up , Look Down


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Looking at her

with her Chinchilla fur.

Lady of Guidance and Grace

only to shut you down in your face.

With her arrogant brow

she demands all to take a bow .

Fine suits, hats, and pearls

Her perfume makes my hair want to curl.

Her position that of a Queen .

Her carriage that of a tween.

Her ladies in waiting following along

while the rest of us feel dejected and wrong.

Of her milieu: intelligence, humbleness, and gentleness.

Of her double- side: arrogance, snootiness, and vileness.

Fine brown silk hair sheened.

But her truthfulness beamed

Bright like a lighthouse

For all to see the rouse.

How? Can a woman of her status not stand out.

But instead looks like all the others in the crowd


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