Look at Life

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 12:40 -- aysial

Look at life girl

It’s a dream I tell you

Who would have thought you would be caught in two different worlds?

A man who thinks he loves you and puts everyone before you

And another man who likes you and tries to make you happy

Hmm that’s a hard one

You think you are in love with the first one and keep going back to him

And then you like the latter, totally your type but you are still not as into him as you are with the first

Which one will you choose girl?

Time is only wasting

But time is not the only thing wasting

Your thoughts and feelings too

Thoughts of both touching you so dearly

Is it lust or is it love?

Is that special kiss just a peck on the lips?

Or a whole new channel you have just opened up?

Girl it don’t matter

Whichever one makes you the happiest you go with

Don’t worry about making them both happy

Whichever you make happy, the other will be moved on

Don’t waste time on what’s not there

Remember to lock the door after you’re done and

Gliding is the fastest way down the slope


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