The twinkle in my eyes,

As I look into your eyes,

The smile on my face 

That cannot be erased. 

I just want to hold you and never let you go

But you never seem to know. 

Always ask me "What?" and look at me curiously. 

Little do you know, I'm looking at you seriously. 

With this look comes everything you could imagine. 

It's the look of passion,

The look that says, at one time, a million things.

You make my heart sing

A song I've never heard before,

You warm me to my core. 

Butterflies in my tummy,

Around you, it's always sunny -

Honey, you are the light that keeps on shining,

The reason I keep on trying. 

You are my everything, my motivation,

Take me to the highest elevation.

You put me on a pedestal,

Can't wait to get marital. 

You are my king, let me be your queen. 

I wanna be your first, your last, and everything in between. 

It's the look that says that, for me, you're perfect. 

And, no, you aren't perfect, but you make life, and everything else, worth it.



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