Look Up

You have scratched your knee.

The blood is running down your leg.

Tears are streaming down your face.

Look up, mommy's got a band-aid.


Your friends are leaving you.

For some reason you could not get along.

For some reason they did not want to stay.

Look up, the clouds are becoming your friends.


Some love of yours has broke your heart.

They did not love you like they said.

They might have lied to you.

Look up, the sun is still shining for you.


Your parents are not staying together.

Their romance has failed.

You are left with all the blame.

Look up, nature is still breathing for you.


Your grandfather has passed away.

He lived a very long time.

His heart just could not keep beating.

Look up,  grandmother is still here.


Look up to the sky and breathe.

Look up to your family and sigh.

Look up to the life around you and live.

Look up, there is something for you somewhere.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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