Look Up

Look Up

Social media is a vice

Its ends clenched tight

Its grips us

Holds us

Constrains us to what we deem important or noteworthy

Our self-worth derives from the amount of likes we get

Favorites and retweets are the currency of this generation

We pay admiration and respect through up votes and replays

Never once stopping to think, “why?”

What does this all mean?

All of this attention is intangible

We see what we want and delete what we don’t

I value myself as more than the followers I have

I not the metaphysical @possiblycharlie people have come to expect

Authentic and one of a kind

True to myself, never living by the standards of another

I derive my self-worth from achieving my goals and taking part in what I love




I do not let the confines of media control what I do

I blaze my own path

Without social media I am untethered

Without filters I’m genuine

An unadulterated form of myself

The real me

I sound as I am




I live my life for me

I’m seen as I present myself



And free

Look Up from the phones

Engage those you love

And say what you mean  

Because life’s already too short

To be viewed through a screen

This poem is about: 
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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