A Long Way


Metro-Detroit 2010
United States

I grew up loved

Without the help of my father

Though I saw him on weekends

We were emotionally farther

I was quiet because I didn’t know

How to get involved

I was told to man up

Even though my problems weren’t solved

Calm and patient

I kept a cool head

Until I felt alone

My feelings, misread

I became mute

With nothing to look forward to

I hated weekends when I sat

In the basement with nothing to do

I’ve come a long way

Now embracing the past

Broken out of my shell

On a high that will forever last

I found great friends

Who have my back

I found true love

And I can never forsake that

I’ve come from

Quiet and lonely

To joyful and loud

I’ve come a long way

I hope you’re proud.


This poem is about: 
My family


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