Long Overdue Reality Check



For the liar- The truth means nothing to thee
For the cheater- There's plenty of fish in the sea
For the drunk- Celebrating all night long
For the high- Don't go a moment without getting their tweek on
For the easy- Love to party hard
For the belligerent- Can never see the death card
For the player- Too big of an ego to fall
For the stalker- That person's not freaked out at all
For the weak- Don't want to ever be lonely
For the naive- What's the worst that can come to be
For the hesitant- There's always tomorrow right
For the deceived- It won't happen again, hoping to be right


For the lier- Hope they throw away the key
For the cheater- Hope you get a STD
For the drunk- That liver can shut your life down
For the high- Bodily functions will have you crash 6 feet underground
For the easy- Don't give milk from the cow for free
For the belligerent- Bullets do kill, keep that in your memory
For the player- Obviously low on brain cells
For the stalker- Police are on your trail
For the weak- Learn how to fight
For the naive- Practice makes perfect right
For the hesitant- The sooner you start the sooner you finish
For the deceived- Assuming gets you nowhere but flopping like a fish






doing both sides of the story

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