Long Live Love

One day I hope 

For 50 years 

50 years 

Blood sweat and tears 


It's beautiful to me 

That you've come so far 

Side by side 

Each battle each scar


I can't imagine 

Each thing you've been through 

You by him 

And him by you 


With Christ as a cornerstone 

And the lord as your light 

Jesus in your heart 

You've weathered the fight 


When he leaves the room 

You await his return 

Your 50 years 

Gives me much to learn 


And no ones more perfect 

Each hour each day 

Than your beautiful wife 

Greater love than you can say 


There's tenderness and love 

Patience, appreciation 

Smiles, joy, laughter

Most of all determination 


What is your secret? 

Love beyond compare? 

Millions of roads traveled 

Following each other anywhere 


Is there an end to such beauty? 

None that I can see 

You make each other better

Complimenting Perfectly


A Mother and a Father 

Husband and wife 

Your marriage is a guide book 

To doing marriage right 


I thank the Lord for y'all 

And each day that's come before 

I pray he blesses each day ahead 

And that he blesses each open door 


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My family
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