Long Drive, Short Road

Life is like a long drive down a short road.
Your car when you were born,
had no suitcases inside.
No tears in the leather of the seats,
and the road is flat with no bumps.
And straight with no turns.
But as you grow older the road gets windier
and bumpier so it resembles a rollercoaster.
and you stop at more restaurants along the side
to enjoy a yummy milkshake of happiness.
The bagage in your car grows till you can't always see out the back window.
So a cop pulls you over and says to unload.
To pull out the stress and the heartbreak suitcases.
The rips in the leather seats start to form,
but whenever you get a chance you repair them
like you do a heart thats broken 
or a pair of jeans that your mom says the hole in the knee is to big on
or a dolly with a missing head.
Sometimes the road gets straight again,
if only for a little while.
Sometimes you get lost because you know theres no guide
or map
to the jorney of life.
One day the road will end.
And at the very end you will have no baggage 
There will be no more holes in the leather of the seats
because you already mended them.
And there will be no more twists or turns.
Or bumps in the road.
Instead they'll
be a huge parking garage
You'll park your car.
And then you finally realize that the bumps 
the turns
the tears
the baggage
th milkshakes
the cops
was worth it
because no matter what you got to the destination in time.


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