Long DIstance

Dear P,

I've taken residency in your screen, so my bed lays cold and empty. And i've been warned about thieves that keep hearts in jars but I failed to notice that your nail beds were stained red. And I should've listened when they said sweets rot out your mouth but your smile just seemed so pearly white. Ive taken my whole life and locked it in your heart, I’m pasting your messages under my eyes in hopes your words will fill the bags. And you're putting up hurdles and I’m asking over or under and I’m saying deal and I’m taking a running start before you even finish your sentence. The first day I met you I put on rose tinted glasses and I haven't taken them off since, because how will i say i love you if I can't even see you, and you look so beautiful with rose tinted cheeks. I think we both wanted to take what we had and turn it into a plane, a train, a ship, to get away from the places we were. But our love wasn’t steel cables or strong metal, it was digital and silicon and its since been deleted.

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