Dust, lust 

of a heated up bust of us

hidden down into the cold snow

of long ago where our love frozen 

where love was once told,

Now true loneliness made a home

where love no longer roams 

feelings of love,


have been locked away

in the bright of day 

where Dust and Lust

has made a cloud of gray

where true Love could never stay

In my mind of loss of time,


your old words come back

heater attack 

words do hurt when

they come from you

words of a darken past

made its way back,


Love, passion made a crashed 

gave my heart a bashed

of everlasting pain

that brought on lots of rain 

Dust, Lust to an end of us 

locked away in the cold

out on the snow of long ago.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1988


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