The Lonely Tree


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The Lonely Tree


It sits there (in a beautiful place) surrounded by nothing.

It waits (to be loved) to feel (noticed, adored, connected with)


Someone, or Something


It strives for it. It craves it, so bad it can taste it.

It is the definition of lonely and sad, and everything in between.

When it gazes off into the distance it cannot see anything 

For it, itself, has seen and experienced nothing.


It is not nothing however. It is something,

But just a lonely something (in a beautiful place) waiting (in darkness).

It will never see the sun, stars, and the heavens,

Or smell the ocean and freshly baked bread,

But if it could (see and smell these lovely things)

it would enjoy it, I believe.

If it could say something ( I feel everybody would listen to it).

It can't though ( it doesn't know how to).

And if it did know how to it wouldn't matter

For, it, itself, is alone (in a beautiful place) surrounded by



It didn't bring this loneliness upon itself,

It did not ask for this Burden in life.

It did nothing wrong. It didn't deserve this.

It will never know how beautiful it is. It will never know how strong it is.


For it was just fate and its destiny to live (out its "life") alone (in a beautiful place) surrounded by

Nothing, and because of this all it will be is

a lonely tree.



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