The Lonely Road

The road is rough and long ahead

It stands there still, keeping us from our bed

With the night so cold

And the path so old

We walk with a muteness held in the air

Overcome with a silence of words not said.

We walk for a while, an hour or so

Kicking the pebbles at our feet below

And we look at the stars

And we look at the sky

But we do not look at each other because

The words left unsaid and truth that we know.

So we walk, and we walk through the night and the dark

Well aware of our souls that have been left with a mark

A stain on our past

A cut on our hearts

But still we march on in the cold and the quiet

Our lives torn to pieces, like the damage from a shark.

Hearts caught up in a journey, looking for light

But all that was found was a silent slow fight

A fight fought by us

A fight that took time

And in time our souls grew separate with only one hope

Before the fall, before the fight, that we make it home tonight.

For this hope, however, I cannot say

I do not know, I have no way

So I wander

So I walk

In the dim path of the icy black night

Maybe, just maybe we can make it till day.

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