The Lonely Child's Light


I sat in a crowded room, lonely inside

Sinking into the background, trying to hide

All at once people threw opinions around

Yet I sat in the corner quiet, resound


Sure - I had thoughts

I'm only human you see

But I didn't want to feel hate

I wanted everyone to like me


Yet still these opposing voices did gain ground

Trapped inside me, begging to sound

But my brain forms thoughts and my mouth words

But they couldn't seem to coordinate to let me be heard


One day my hand realized it all was to much

It picked up a pen & started to rush

The words flew out on paper, they didn't stop

Lucky writing has no limit, there were no cops


I had found my voice - no, poetry had found me

Finally I could talk and myself be

I didn't need talent, beauty, or monetary wealth

Just an ounce of energy & health


Since that magical day I can go around

It made me realize the inspiration in every sound

I can write of my thoughts, experiences, or friends

I can make the poems short or never have an end


Cant you see, its fabulous, fantastic indeed!

However watch out, take warning, take heed:

Poetry is addicting, you'll love your new voice

You wont be able to stop, what is a choice?


You'll write of lions, and tigers, and bears oh my!

So when I finish my story don't walk away, don't sigh

Listen up! Read my words, it is my hearts beat

Writing is a passion, like a cheaters cheat


But why you might say do you continue to write

No way could words bring such delight

So hear me, listen, Ill tell you, you'll see

Poetry is mine, its original, its ME


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