I wave at you; you smile at me.

I know it's not right. I'm sorry.

Please see me; take a minute to hold me.

So I can put my head on your chest and pretend I'm not lonely.

I know it is wrong. I already feel guilty.

I held you too long. I'm weak and hungry.

It's like you know it's not tiredness. You see

Through the black, through the silence, through me. I'm lonely.

Hold me a minute. I'll try not to cry.

When you let me go I'll tell you goodbye.

My cheeks are burning. Away I'm running.

I hate myself, and I am still lonely.

I'll never tell you the home you make me feel.

Because I know my affection for you isn't real.

My body, mind uses you for my pleasure only.

If I treat you selfish, it's because I'm lonely.

Your scent in my hair makes my heart crack a smile.

I brush it aside. It'll be gone in a while.

I'm sorry I'm like this. I have to be stony.

I'll never let you be my friend. If only.

But I would betray you; I'm selfish and phoney.

I'll never let you find out why I am lonely.

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