Wed, 05/22/2013 - 18:36 -- KBayor


United States
39° 59' 2.7312" N, 75° 10' 50.8944" W

Soft focused silhouette instantly owned treacherous irises,
while cerebral sparks and cranial inquires paralyzed me.
The air was thick with illegal clouds of smoke
and room compressed tightly with bodies, but unhindered beauty refused to be shrouded.
Sativa and Indica charred lungs fight to inhale and hone in on the delicate mist that is his scent.
I hold my breath.
Just to keep him inside me for a little bit longer.
Iridescent lights highlighted every chiseled feature on his face and the pace
Of my heart went into overdrive.
Hearing the smooth baritone of his voice made my knees quake.
While the gentle curve of his smile
And seismic boom of his laugh
Had the Richter scales of my heart in a near state of emergency.
With category 5 nerves melded to my being
And internal battle waging wildly,
I trudge forth into the epicenter
...Armorless... with a weak shield of a smile.
I saw him from across the room.


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