Logical Laws Will Not Stop My Illogical Thoughts

Fri, 02/18/2022 - 14:56 -- nynxie

 I observe your oblivious state,

 what a wonder, how naive what is about to disappear.

 Unaware of true intent on a certain date.


 My graceful god, blissfully ignorant of internal debate…

I can no longer tighten these thoughts thickened with fear.

 I observe your oblivious state.


 My darling- how innocent- to be presented on a china plate…

How dare you look at them! I hold back my sneer.

Unaware of true intent on a certain date.


 It is not your fault, but my heart aches! All because you are straight.

 I can only contain my distance for so long-yet I persevered

 I observe your oblivious state.


 With painted nails and a caked-on face - a trait

  you so desire I am called queer and weird.

Unaware of true intent on a certain date.


 It was easy with your fragile weight,

  you lay on my secured bed methodically engineered.

 I observe your oblivious state

 Unaware of true intent on a certain date



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