Living By Would'ves

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 12:46 -- pgrossi


Something that everyone seems to get,

A person without one I’ve never met,

Is a goal in mind that they are working toward,

The thing that causes them to move forward.

It’s quite interesting if you give it a thought,

To imagine all the work in which people get caught.

Many spend countless hours invested in their passion,

Whether it be design, health , building, or fashion.

And this in itself is nothing bad or wrong,

But what happens later after the time is long.

What seems to occur far too often is when, 

A person gets so close to the goal; then comes sin.

Just think for a minute with me about this,

You spend all this time; not even a second you miss.

And right at the apex of all your work,

Like a bottle when you remove the cork,

You back down all afraid of what you would do,

And if you accomplished the goal what would happen to you.

You've spent all this time on one single thing,

And after its over what song would you sing?

But dear that’s a danger to live life this way,

By would’ves and could’ves as I tend to say.

You think to yourself “I would’ve finished what i set out to do”,

“But now that I'm here I'm not ready for something new”.

But darling you've come so far and achieved so much,

Why are you afraid of success’ touch?

You say “Im not ready” so you step down,

Because your afraid that if you do achieve renown,

There is always a way you could have done better,

And you fail to see that strong bonding fetter.

It’s holding you back from something great,

But your too afraid to see your fate.

So you continue to live by what you would have done,

Had everything gone perfectly under the sun.

Talking of what you could have achieved,

But since you didn't do it you're never relieved.

Such pity I have on people like this,

Because so much of life they seem to miss.

No one is perfect yes this is true,

But make sure this life never happens to you.

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