Living Together, with love

Sat, 11/23/2019 - 16:17 -- Fangstu

You talk a lotta shit about me 

Im hard to live with

I have a mean streak 

An attitude thats nothing but rude


I cant be talked to 

You cant ask questions

Well dont ask questions 

I dont want to be talked to


Your no picnic

You bring it on

I fall on deaf ears

Over and over till I scream, it brings you to tears


 Don't sweat the small stuff 

Don't ask my opinion if you ain't gonna take it

Im tired of your 20 question bluff

Cant get an answer right even if i fake it 


Right is wrong and today is yesterday

You cant do wrong while everyone else does everyday

High expectations for the rest of mankind 

If you push to hard its anger in your face every time 


I could explain a thousand times over 

It might fuckin help if you could stay sober

But my words wouldn't make for any damn change

But my words wouldn't make for any damn change 


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