Living in Technology

What a world we live in! Do we even live in this world?

Technology, constantly, overwhelming, misery,

what's left in the world to see?

Never joy, never light, never peace or hope or life.

Always Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok, always online on my own time,

Never taking time to see the beauty of the world around me.

Too focused on lives I hardly know to see the ones right next to me.

Wishing I was good enough, smart enough, cool enough,

beautiful and fun enough, to get the attention of their follows,

their likes, comments, and attention that everyone else receives, 

but not me.

Why focus on these things? Why let them overwhelm me?

I can have a life outside technology, if I chose to see it.

I can have relationships outside of texting, if I truly embrace them.

I can have approval outside social media and feel better because of it.

Who needs likes, comments, and retweets?

I'll go live my real life, while you all keep living in technology.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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