Living Loving Life


I am like a volcano,

so quiet and reserved.

But I am a raging and swirling mass,

underneath I am life.

I am love, I am hate,

I am a smile, I am a frown,

I am compassion, I am indifference.

I am hope to the fallen,

I am safety to the scared.

I am a laugh during a hard cry,

I am the warm hug on a cold day.

Hope and love swirl around me

emanating a safe cool blanket for anyone. 

The love I feel in my heart is for life itself.

I run and fight and make mistakes and mess up 

and say stupid things.

I feel and let the emotions run through 

my veins.

I love fast and fall hard

I try never to yawn or be bored,

and help when I can

I cry and am human to the fullest



This poem is about: 



This poem is just me with #NOFILTER.

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