Living to Live again

Living to Live Again

Born to us on Christmas Day,

Knowing he would leave in a cruel way.

 He grew up with only one goal in mind,

Spreading the word to all mankind.

He never sinned though tempted he was,

He gained twelve close friends, who he taught the ways of the Lord,

Equipped them with the armor of God, sandals, helmet, breastplate, and  sword.

He  prayed continuously.

With his Father he walked,

With his Father he talked.

He knew the plan he was destined to fill,

Yet never forsook his Father still.

The time came for him to pay for our sins.

He was falsely accused,

He was brutally beat,

And even denied.

Yet, still for us all he died.

Even as people cheered for his death,

He begged his father to forgive them.

He was placed in a tomb for forever it would seem.

But not according to what Mary had seen.

He rose from the grave after three days passed,

And after saying good-bye to his Disciples,

He rose back to heaven at last.

This is the life of Jesus, son of God.

And today I know he is alive within me.





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