Living Life As an Enigma

 They pass by without a clue, Few have tried to see the truth,Those who have tried may see some,But I always know the outcome:Frustration,Curiosity,Constant interrogation,Or maybe they just give up. I love it when they try to see,When they look in my soul,Searching for something...anything,But there's nothing. Eyes that are like a one way window:I see out but none see in.It is possible though;If the light hits it right,When the angle is sharp enough,It is possible. Partly my fault, For none seeing me for me,For my true existence is a secret,A secret one shall discover,Only if they swim into the abyss without fear. My soul is so deep,There are corners I haven't even seen,Curves I've never took time for,Colors never discovered,Thoughts never brought back to life. So much to think about,Many many thoughts and personalities for one,Such a complex mind,The life of the truly mature and gifted. I know myself,But I don't.That is a true enigma:One who is so unknown,So dark and deep and complex,They don't know all of them self.

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