Living a Lie

These words are not my own

but what others want to hear

living a lie, a puppet’s string

forcing words that sound so dear.


Listen to me spin a tale!

Manipulate hearts and minds!

The plan is in motion, you see

an evil of many kinds!


Your lives are dogs on chains

cry tears of plea and fear

smell the sweet scent of pain

taste like salty blood, so clear.


Sweet poetic words I speak

violins that sing a symphony

they’re all lies – like my life

from my truth I flee.


Hate! Hate! Hate! She’s nothing!

Speak lies you harlot!

I care none! You’re dead to me!

I’ll make you suffer yet!


My words are daggers

drain my soul of feeling

it hurts you but it kills me

to your love I’ll cling.


I need you (living a lie)

I love you (living a lie)

you’re my breath, my passion

all I could ask for.


Living a lie, living a lie

running away from reality

using pills to be happy

replacing love with brutality.


Revenge is so sweet!

Honey on the tongue…

Cry wench, feel my pain!

The torture has only begun.


I will make your heart crack

and fill it with your tears

laugh at your suffering

fill your dreams with fears!


Hiding from who I am

I don’t know who I am anymore.

Living blindly, living a lie

wishing it were now, before.


I continue to run, living a lie

pretending I no longer care

but this lie is eating me away

and the pressure is hard to bare.


Now I’ll continue living a lie

reality has become a dream.

Close my eyes, hope to never wake

and give into the scheme.


Living a lie.


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