Living to know I’m alive

The most exhilarating feeling comes from choosing how you live - on your own terms.

Nothing should take that away from you.

Life is the greatest gift that mankind has received - our existence causing a shift in the natural world.


I define my life by how I feel, act, represent myself, and live my life.

To me life itself is remarkable; we can make something out of nothing.

And change our lives with the smallest decision.

Life in its entirety is something to strive for - something I strive for.


My existence and my life are two different concepts:

If I only existed, and did not live, then I am wasting my potential and the chance to better society.

I would not understand what it meant to put someone first.

But, if I live while existing, then I am achieving greatness undiscovered by many unfortunate people, and more profound than any secret the world could hold.

This gives me a reason to look forward to my hardships and shortcomings.


Because I know I can make through to the end.

I know I can make a difference.

It all depends on my worth and effort.


 This is why I choose to live.

I live for the betterment of the people as well as myself.

And this is why life itself is awesome.

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