Living the Dream


United States
28° 9' 13.5972" N, 82° 24' 56.4588" W

I went to school with no pants
My skin crawled alongside the ants
Laid down and drifted through a river of halls
And answered a myriad of empty calls
With no phone in my hand
No ground to stand
And on and on and on,
The bottomless pit goes on.
After the eternity lasted a second,
Preached a speech and meant it,
But what was said? What did I say?
And in the same day,
A different setting
Ounces from bed wetting,
The crowd grows dark as they reach for my head.
Face the bloodlust of the restless undead.
Aware of my blanket as it tangles, constricts,
It seizes my being and the only light lit
Suddenly captured by a cold, creeping claw.

That is the sweat that slinks down my jaw.
Awoken, I cast cotton corpses off me
And brushed the ants off my head, shoulders, knees.
I know it now, over as it seems
Alas I rise every day to live that dream.


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