Living breathing breeding feelings

                     Sadness breeds stinging, numbing Pain, which then breeds twin daughters, both alike in strength, but different in nature. 
The first daughter, Hatred, is a girl burdened with negative feelings, and after time, she breeds her own two daughters, Hatred the second and Pain the second.  
Her first Daughter, Hatred the second, then breeds three daughters, Hatred the third, Bitterness,and Emptiness, while Pain the second breeds Pain the third. 
Pain the third then breeds the same way Pain the first did and so on. 
Hatred the third breeds like her mother, Hatred the second and so on. 
Bitterness is a girl who is burdened with negative feelings, and after time, she breeds a single daughter, Jealousy. 
Lastly, Emptiness, the last daughter of hatred the second, breeds nothing, for such is her name and she is therefore a girl filled with no feelings.
                           The second daughter, kindness, is a girl endowed with positive feelings. 
She happily gives birth to three beautiful daughters, compassion, kindness the second, and Love. 
Compassion is a girl whose beauty is only comparable to her sisters and mother.
Compassion gives birth to Hope and Joy. 
Hope, the oldest, gives birth to two daugthers, Strength and Courage. 
Both alike in power and in what they give birth to, Miracles. 
Joy brings more Joy into this word.
Kindness the second gives birth to Kindness the third.
Kindness the third does as her mother and grandmother has before her. 
Love is a fleeting Young girl endowed with positive feelings, but positive feelings do not always breed positive intentions.
Love births twins who are, like Apollo and Artemis, the sun and the moon, day and night, gold and silver, their names being, Love the second and Jealousy. 
Love the second births Love the third and Jealousy the second.
Love the third does as those before her who have also carried the name of love. 
Jealousy is a girl who feels she has nothing, when in reality, she is just like her mother and those before her, a girl burdened with feelings and eventually breeds a mistress known as Mistrust. 
Mistrust breeds Sadness, who chooses to go by many names one of them being betrayal.
And Sadness, regarless of her many names, has a single daughter, her name being Pain, a girl burdened with negative feelings. 


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