Live to Work or Work to Live?


United States
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The question on the table is: do Americans live to work or work to live?
Heck! What table? No family eats dinner at the table anymore.
Mom’s at work, and Dad’s at work, so who is here to take care of us?
I mean Tina’s a nice babysitter, but she keeps raising her price.
Adults think the climb to the top is worth all the late hours, sleepless nights, and pain.
They are their bosses’ personal slaves, but it will “pay off in the end,” so they say.
And what about buying a HUGE house! They buy to impress, but can’t we just wear nice clothes?
I’m sorry they bought a home they can’t afford and spend their money on mortgage bills.
I have grown up without my parents because of their obsession with the green stuff.
They think they work to live, but I have some issues to address before I believe it.

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