To Live Without Grief

outstanding or buried deep down under cover of granite stalagmites.
that grief so entirely lambasted & lamented
often i wished i could live without it
because it is cruel
& it is constant.

but what would that absensce bequeath me?
he who smokes like a chimney & reads murakami.
& i could not stop separating myself from it
like the sickening relief
from an exceptionally bad charley horse.

it occurs to me how delightful it feels
to conquer grief...
& how important it feels 
to allow grief entirely
a kind of soothing madness-
like bitersweet sisyphus.

beloaguers my dreams
it softens my bones like the rickets
decimating as it is
i bear it & hail in it.

"Happiness is beneficial for the body,
but it is grief that develops the
powers of the mind."
- Marcel Proust








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