To Live, or Not to Live

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 16:19 -- Jane101

Oh to be a cloud;

flying high above the earth,

far from this madness

This madness we call life.

Schedules and deadlines

nonexistent in the world above.

Oh to float aimlessly,

the bliss, the sweet bliss

 of nothing to do, nowhere to be.

For Success they say,

Fortune they say,

What of Happinness?

Joy, Family, Love?

Fame and Success are nothing.

Up above there are no worries.

No pain, No distress.


But wait...

Life is not all bad,

I suppose...

Life is a two way street.

A cloud knows not of love

Knows no joy to combat pain

no raw emotion of human nature.

Passion, Ardor, Fidelity

The fervor to live

Beautiful, fantastic life

How could I overlook?

Love is greater than Hate

Joy greater than Despair.


Oh to be a cloud;

the memories I would miss

the loneliness I would endure.

Oh to live;

what a beautiful thing to live



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