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Let me live.
I like to party.
I like guys with a hot body.
Let me live.
I want to go out.
I want to kiss guys.
I want to be with the cool kids.
Let me live.
I want to do what I want to do.
Whenever I want to do it.
Let me live.
My mom doesn't understand.
I need a real man.
I need more friends.
Let me live.
I want to feel the rush.
I want to touch.
I want to feel.
I want to see it all.
Let me live.
I had fun last night.
He took me to new heights.
I was free.
Let me live.
Nine months later.
I'm living for someone else.
I'm doing for her.
Let me live.
No more parties.
No more touching.
I tried to live.
Now I have to be responsible.
Now I have to grow up.
Now I can not live.
Let me live.
I want to live again.
I want to be free again.
I want to live..
I can't live.
My life is gone already at 16.
I wanted to live..


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