The Little Things: A List of Tiny Spiteful Wishes

I hope your hair looks bad in every picture.

I hope you overcook your breakfast.

I hope your left eye always itches while you're wearing contacts.

I hope the internet sucks whenever you're trying to watch a video.

I hope you try to drink your tea before it's cool enough.

I hope you don't notice you're out of toilet paper until you're already sitting on the can.

I hope the cat steps on the TV remote right before a dramatic plot reveal.

I hope you don't notice your shirt has a stain until you're already out of the house.

I hope you lose just one earring.

I hope your favorite shirt shrinks in the wash.

I hope a fly keeps buzzing in your ear, but you never catch it.

I hope you take a huge bite of food and discover that it's gone bad.

I hope you get your least favorite song stuck in your head.

I hope your computer crashes while your writing an important document and you didn't press "save."

I hope it's always too hot or too cold in your bedroom.

I hope you forget you bought ice cream and it melts in the back of your car.

I hope you get stuck driving behind a really slow car with no way around it.

I hope your shower runs cold while you have shampoo in your hair.

I hope your bookmark falls out and you don't remember where you left off.

I hope you develop an allergy to your favorite food.

I hope you accidentally put salt in your tea.

I hope you pick up your bag the wrong way and everything falls out.

I hope everything goes wrong in insignificant ways.

I hope you're never able to enjoy

The Little Things.

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My family
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