The Little Things In Life

What is awesome?

Anything can be,

and there are many things that are,

to me.


What is awesome?

When I'm listning to music,

and the beat has me going,

and I feel like I want to sing.


When I aced a test at school,

when I have finished all my homework,

when it's a snowday,

when it's Labor Day or any other holiday.


What is awesome?

When Christmas vacation is coming up,

or when spring break is close,

or when it's finally Friday.


When I have no chores to do,

or when I play with my cat,

when I take a walk outside,

smell the fresh air and see the sun, sky, and trees.


What is awesome?

Talking to my friends,

watching videos on Youtube,

laughing with other people.


When I take a picture of something pretty,

when I get a compliment,

when I read an interesting book,

when I get a cool idea.


What is awesome?

Summer, when I can stay home,

relax everyday and not worry about homework,

or getting up early.


Watching a movie I haven't seen yet,

making a cool bucket list,

writing down stories and poems,

feeling accomplished as I get things done.


Eating at a new restaurant,

going places,

sleeping in late,

listening to the sound of rain.


What is awesome?

Anything can be,

it doesn't have to be big and grand,

things that matter to you but not to others.


What is awesome to me?

It's the little things in life...

















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