The Little Rock Nine


United States
40° 3' 16.2252" N, 85° 40' 27.5088" W

They walked to school heads held high not
knowing what awaited them but they had to try
What you see are nine black faces, walking
forward towards a crowd full of hatred. They
didn’t show fear as they moved along though the
people in the crowed did them wrong . They
wondered why they deserved such a fate and
how so many people could be filled
with such hate. “What are you doing?” They
hissed and sneered though the answer to that
question was pretty clear. All they wanted was to
got to an all white school but no black
would be able to. Each day they blocked there
way but they showed true courage and
tried again and again till one day they let them in.
They changed the world with that simple act
braking the line between white and black.

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