Little Red



Once Upon A Time... Little Red, Little Red.
Read stories in her bed.
Being the daughter of hunters she thought she would be loved.
Until they realized she carried the beast within her blood.
They left her in the woods alone.
There she found the pack of BloodStone.
They tamed the beast within.
Making her a fighter that can beat any man with a grin.
Falling in love with a man whose animal inside is the color of wood.
They blended together taking the name of Ridinghood.
Life was good until humans began to die.
Worried for her family they sought the community to unify.
They saved them all from monsters and were praised.
The pack became protectors of the town folks, they were all amazed.
Little Red, Little Red.Her and the husband rest soundly in their bed.
Now, Red Ridinghood, a human's compassion but a beast's powers.
Werewolves became our guardians but when we tell this tale, people think we are liars.
The End. 


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