A little more than admiration

What is it that makes me so insane

I like nice things

and smile

and actions

actions that make me want to be happy

   It makes me want to live, 

  change, improve, be nice

Niceness? Is it really that uncommon

  or is this just so different that seeing it 

  makes me stop, stare, admire and love

Why love though?

  Love though it seems to make the world go round

  also causes death, insanity, suffering and pain

Pain in knowing that the chances are so slim

  literally the chances of me being with him

  are half of one in a million

Millions and billions around the world

  somehow this is the only one I want to love;

  the only one that is good enough

Enough is enough I want no more

please o please throw this lovee out the door

even a day without him I feel so sore

I can't, I can't take anymore

everyday with him makes want to soar

this rhyme I am making 

though it seems so cheesy

was actually written when 

because of love I became queasy




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