A little on the inside...


Took an hour to write... Enjoy :)


Poetry is an art, my imagination's the canvas.

The lyrics I breathe're pure, but bear evil thoughts of a savage.

Demonic practice; without a leash I bet I murder the masses.

But naw, see me? I'd rather chill and stay civil.

Wake up every morning, sipping tea when jotting my scribble.

So unique in such a fashion, they'll never share my potential.

They lacking pixels, while I'm spitting waves that's snapping the Richters.

What is competition? It's unheard of like Ni**as playing the fiddle.

A better analogy is Christopher Reeves learning to dribble.

I'm real, you bluffing like Cuba's missing it's missles.

Mixing Ritalin in my rhythm to get it driven.

I imagine I'm a disease that spreads when I'm feeding off Penicillins.

S on my chest; suit and tie is through what I'm ripping.

Consider it a blessing, I'm the reason you're still existing.

Cuz if it were my decision, I'm endowing human extinction.


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