A Little Help

If I could change just one thing, it would be the thoughts

Of all these kids I see, with pain in their hearts

I wake up everyday, with a smile on my face

Surviving is enough for me, joy comes with no price

I can't explain though, the thousands of young people I see

Who cant see the beauty, they live in a dark place

I want to help, but they are faceless

Just account names and bios

I witness in horror, the hive mind of regret

I try to add a positive, but it all seems washed away 

By the torrential rain of sadness, that rolls through each day

I continue with my quest, a little help along the path

To add a bit of light, I'm trying to do what I can

Maybe someone will see my encouragement, and it will be enough

To keep them moving on for a bit longer, until they find a way

To see their time, as what it could be

And not the dark days 


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