Little girl, kept asking how


Little girl, kept asking how and why; 
She learned math, and counted hours down till she would die. 
Little girl, wanted to read; 
She wrote down the words of a story called misery. 
Little girl, wanted to draw; 
She made made pictures with blood bare and raw. 
Little girl, wanted to hide; 
Being in the open was a synonym for suicide. 
Little girl, wanted to be; 
But those lies blinded her and now she can't see. 
Little girl, wanted to go away; 
She ran to her friend cocaine, and it told her to stay.  
Little girl, wanted to be numb; 
And now that she knows she feels so dumb. 

Oh little girl, so persistent. 
Now that you have what you wanted 
You lost what you had. 
Smiles turned to drugs; 
Life turned to fate 
Now little girl, your going to be late. 
When you stop daydreaming about yesterday and tomorrow, 
When you stop shrinking while everyone grows, 
When you finally turn back, it will be time to go. 

Oh little girl; oh so small. Looks like you never got to be a big girl after all. 


Awkward Turtle

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