Little Girl

Wed, 04/10/2013 - 14:50 -- Chanel


United States
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Hey everybody, let me tell u a story about a little girl who felt oh so lonely. She lived in a world where she felt unloved. She lived in a world she couldn’t escape from. A world embodied in her heart and her mind. A world she all of a sudden left behind. This little girl filled with sadness and hatred. This little girl who felt like an alien. Didn’t know where she could ever fit in. Couldn’t find a row to even stand in… Was she a geek, A dork, a goth, or popular… No she was a Loner… A OUTCAST!!! This girl wanted to disappear from this world that stabbed her in the back and turned on her. She always had a smile on her face even when she felt misplaced. But one day she realized that she didn’t have to feel this way. She became superwoman. So strong, so confident, and so HAPPY. People might say she’s too polite, or proper but, I might say she’s cool and friendly. I would be her friend if I met her but, funny thing is I AM HER.


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