Hey little jazzier girl..................

       Dusky skinned with lil curls

       Elated, intrepid and demure

Plethora of dreams, intentions pure


           Every glitter isn't that of gold

          Barbaric this world, BE BOLD

          Fallen leaves blow the fire

          Spring is merely a desire


           Wrenched heart isn't a shame

           Remember this, what's in a name?

           Rainbows formed after the rain

           Break stereotypes, time heals the pain


           Being oblivious is the only panacea

           Be relentless, may be you'll suffer insomnia

           Show the gratitude, never be superfluous

            Be real, philanthropists aren't ostentatious


            Never Ever Trust This Hypocrite World

                   Hey little jazzier girl.............................3

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Our world
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