Little Ducky

Little ducky, paddling by
Little ducky, do not cry
Just let your troubles come to pass
Your greatest fears you will surpass

Little ducky, your beak so stout
Little ducky, don’t you ever pout
If goals unmet, don’t be upset
Relax and watch the sunset

Little ducky, swim, swim, swim
Little ducky, your future won’t be dim
Very soon you will have grown
With so much potential still unknown

Little ducky, smile, float on
Little ducky, body now with brawn
Fight, as impossible as it may seem
Forget not your dreams



The repetition of "Little Ducky" and the story you told reminded me of a small child growing up, but being told constantly not to forget who they truly are. You also referenced dreams in this poem and you might want to check out tips for writing a poem about dreams under "poetry writing tips" in the "resources" section!

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