Little. Do. You. Know.

Not every puzzle  has a piece 

Not every beat has a song 

Notes  not all have a rhyme 

Some are leading mistakes 

Some just give u heart ache 

It’s a battle between the stars 

Since no one knows who u are 

The night is cool and breezy 

Under the stars and moon 

Fear not my lil friend 

You will be healed soon 

To many trails yet you’ll forget 

The pain, the hours, the memories spent 

It’ll be gone 

In a blink of an eye 

You’ve made a choice 

To love instead of die 

Now is it dying that u fear or letting your heart die again because of fear

Doors opened wide you see

Tons of covens of people glaring at me 

Like choking on the salty sea your choking on the words u dare not to speak

Then u feel it 

That pain u left untended 

The guilt u try so hard forgetting 

The time u can no longer get back 

Now you seem trapped in your own mind 

Using your poems to waste time 

Soon it’ll come to a end 

You won’t be able to write again 

And as your fingers beat the next letter you type 

Your stuck laying in bed 

Tight under your sheets

Covering your worry eyes 

While u weep to god to change your fate 

A never ending track but there’s no race 

Just a broken engine with no gas or doors to hide behind 

Stuck in one place for a moment in time 

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