Little Cat

Little Cat I was introduced to you in a dark part of my life.  You were kind, warm, and loving.  

Yet I could never bring about the courage to hold you and be with you.  In those days of you where the bright spot

Then you left.  I felt your presence, yet nothing compared to when I saw you again.  

From there I made the effort to meet you.  I attempted to rekindle the warmth and this time have the courage to take the next step.

That summer was bliss full.  You helped me through so much and made the next two years less painful.  

Then I was lost in the dark.  I fell and put so much on you without paying mind to what you went through.

Now your gone.  I feel the ghost of your presence and the warmth and happiness your kindness gave me.  

Yet we seem to have gone our separate ways.  I must take these next steps on my own and wile I want you hear I need to move on from your ghost.

Yet as I attempt to take this next step in my life, I still dream of you.  Mabey one day when we both truly are ready; I can truly express my love but now I need to find someone new.  It’s time to find the one who will truly match the other half of me.  Yet I will always remember you little cat and the summers of warmth you gave me.  


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